Inmigracionalismo / Jota Lucas
Clock DJ / Musikame
Papel / Lapsus
John Vermont - Sunday Afternoon / David Salaices
SikWatona / Musikame
Alejandro Santiago Zambrano © 2017.
John Vermont - Above / David Salaices
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CONTACT AND A LITTLE ABOUT ME Hi I´m Alex, I´m a director of photography and camera operator based in Madrid, Spain, with more than 7 years of experience in video and photo productions. I love to create images that make the audience feel true emotion, in whatever form my director feels adequate to tell the story. This is after all what it is all about. Been doing this enough time to know some secrets, for example “always, always, always use haze and back light...” :D, just kidding… not always ;) ha ha ha. Luckily my hunger for learning is never ending, this makes me humble enough to know that I don't know all, and also be open to learn from everybody in any moment. I like to be polite and respectful with my team and everybody in set, because they are the engine of my work, and they deserve it. Feel free to contact me in your preferred way or add me to your preferred social media. Thanks for passing by. +34 630 97 58 76
Clock DJ. Directed by David Salaices. Produced By Musikame.
SickWatona. Directed by Musikame. Produced By SickWatona.
John Vermont / Sunday Afternoon. Directed by David Salaices. Produced By Miracle.
Inmigracionalismo. Directed by Jota Lucas. Produced By Red Acoge.
John Vermont / Above. Directed by David Salaices. Produced by Miracle.
Christmas Presents special review 2016 for PAPEL By EL MUNDO. Art direction and postproduction by Annie Dominguez and Mary Urrutia. Produced by LAPSUS.